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  • Nationalisation of Northern Rock - Wikipedia
    On 12 September 2007, Northern Rock asked the Bank of England, as lender of last resort in the United Kingdom, for a liquidity support facility due to problems in raising funds in the money market to replace maturing money market borrowings The problems arose from difficulties banks faced over the summer of 2007 in raising funds in the money market
  • Northern Rock - Wikipedia
    Northern Rock, formerly the Northern Rock Building Society, was a British bank Based at Regent Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Northern Rock was originally a building society It demutualised and became Northern Rock bank in 1997, when it floated on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol NRK During the early 2000s the company borrowed substantially to fund mortgages
  • Oldham — Wikipédia
    Située dans les comtés traditionnels du Lancashire depuis le début du XII e siècle, Oldham est enregistrée en 1212 comme l'une des cinq parties du domaine féodal de Kaskenmoor, détenue par Roger de Montbegon (en) et William de Nevill, pour le compte de Jean d'Angleterre [9], [11] Les autres parties de ce comté sont alors Crompton, Glodwick, Sholver et Werneth [12]

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