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  • Kitco News Gold Survey: Is $1,300 In The Cards? Gold . . .
    Wall Street and Main Street voters in the weekly Kitco News gold survey look for the precious metal to work its way higher next week, with some even looking for the market to retest $1,300 an ounce A total of 19 market professionals took part in the Wall Street survey
  • Is $1,300 Gold In The Cards Next Week? - Analysts - Kitco News
    Kitco News Share this article: ( Kitco News ) - While the U S dollar is showing some resilience following a massively disappointing March jobs report, it might not have much impact on gold as investors focus on growing geopolitical risks, according to some analysts
  • Latest Bullion News gt; Kitco News Gold Survey: Is $1,300 In . . .
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  • KITCO GOLD FORUM - bgmi. us
    To tie the standard of exchange to actual merchandise my prices shall be: one photocopy = 10mg gold, one pound of honey = 200mg gold, one 3 1 2 DSHD floppy disk = 100mg gold, one minute of internet time {on my 350MHz Mac PPC 9600 at 33Kbps} = 15mg of gold, one 40minute prepaid phonecard = 1 gram of gold
  • KITCO GOLD FORUM - bgmi. us
    The problem with a US$300 gold price is that it makes all but the rare, world-class deposit uneconomic Recent gold financings have been few: a successful $95 4-million offering of common shares by Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd in May and a US$120- million issue of secured notes by cash-strapped Royal Oak Mines Inc , which closed on Wednesday
  • Live gold price, precious metals market news and updates.
    Article by Kitco News Gold bulls remain in charge of the market’s near-term direction as long as prices remain above previous resistance that failed at $1,213 an ounce, says Lukman Otunuga, research analyst at FXTM
  • Gold Discussion for Investors and Market Analysts - 1998 01 06
    Kitco interested me both as a vehicle to monitor my gold investments and as a forum where, seemingly, very bright men of the world could be engaged But I have become convinced that the sort of sophomoric and banal psycho-drama that people like LGB have prompted in this site do not deserve further engagement
  • Silver in the Future: $130 per Ounce? | Investing News Network
    So who will sell at $100 00?Would rather have 10 pounds of silver than 1 ounce of gold anyway…never sell below 1000 00 silver is stable though and its gradual increase is less susceptible to wild swings like the Bitcoin fraud,once people wake up than silvers real value will be realized arrr matey fill the chest while it still under-valued

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