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  • US20070118459A1 - System and method for centralized . . .
    The disclosed systems and methods allow for anonymous transactions, centralized clearing, efficient settlement and the provision of risk management credit screening mechanisms to lower risk, reduce transaction costs and improve the liquidity in the FX market place
  • CA2628944A1 - System and method for centralized clearing . . .
    In particular, the disclosed embodiments increase speed of execution facilitating growing demand for algorithmic trading, increased price transparency, lower cost of trading, customer to customer trading, and automated asset allocations, recurring trades as well as clearing and settlement efficiencies
  • System and method for centralized clearing of over the . . .
    The disclosed systems and methods relate to allowing trading of over the counter (“OTC”) foreign exchange (“FX”) contracts on a centralized matching and clearing mechanism, such as that of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's (“CME”'s) futures exchange system (the “Exchange”)
  • Overview of the U. S. Payments, Clearing and Settlement . . .
    Overview of the U S Payments, Clearing and Settlement Landscape Payment System Policy and Oversight Course Alexandra Merle -Huet May 11, 2015 Assistant Vice President 2 The views expressed in this presentation do not necessarily reflect An entity that maintains a centralized electronic record (database) of transaction data
  • US20070194102A1 - Decentralized system and method for the . . .
    A de-centralized, or non-centralized, system and method facilitates the capture and processing of checks and related bank document information at a remote client subsystem and locally processing the checks and information at the remote client site, for transmission to a main subsystem, for direct routing of the bank document information to the U S Federal Reserve Bank, circumventing
  • US20120023177A1 - Tool for the Centralized Supervision and . . .
    A further subject of the invention is a method for the centralized supervision and or hypervision of a set of systems of different security levels, at least one supervised system comprising one or more gateways and sensors and or alarm devices transmitting messages, said gateways being linked to one and the same display system, the method
  • US 2010O288834A1 (19) United States (12) Patent . . .
    (54) SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR Related U S Application Data enhancing a global payment card processing system to allow common or centralized transaction processing of different clearing and settlement The centralized transaction processing platform can be linked to
  • DAEX: Digital Asset Clearing Ecosystem For Centralized . . .
    DAEX (Digital Assets Exchange) is a distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem built using a blockchain-based multi-asset clearing and settlement protocol This ecosystem will include DAEX wallet, clearance settlement blockchain, identity blockchain for KYC and DAEX fund and DAX native token and smart contracts In a nutshell, it is an ecosystem that centralized exchanges can join

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