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  • Retirement and Good Living
    Retirement can and should be a rewarding time of life We created this site to provide information for anyone of any age contemplating retirement including boomers, the silent generation and all who have already retired
  • Retirement Hobbies | Retirement And Good Living
    Hobbies can and should be an important part of retirement Once retired from full time employment retirees find that there is additional time available for favorite hobbies or to explore new ones
  • Purposeful Retirement: How to Bring Happiness and Meaning . . .
    #1 Amazon Best Seller! ─ Retirement and good living If you're a fan of How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free, you'll love Purposeful Retirement Perfect retirement gift for men: Are you getting ready to simplify life and move from the world of work to a life of retirement and good living ─ to enter a happy retirement?Purposeful Retirement is the perfect retirement gift
  • 6 Thoughts Everyone Has Their First Day of Retirement
    It's a major milestone in anyone's life: retirement You spend so many hours dreaming about just what you'll do with the time, that when it happens, you often aren't prepared for the reality of it
  • Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers: A Retirement . . .
    Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers: A Retirement and Aging Roadmap for Single and Childless Adults [Sara Zeff Geber] on Amazon com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers #1 Amazon New Release ─ Over fifty, retiring and childless? Are you among the fifteen million Americans over fifty and childless?
  • Sightings Over Sixty
    Yesterday, after they left, I puttered around the yard for an hour or so -- which is a lot for me, since our yard is about 1 16th of an acre Then I came in to shower, and I finished reading my book leading up to the main event of the day, for me, which was driving over to the library to drop off the book and pick up a new one

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