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  • Making Light
    Making Light was invented by Teresa Nielsen Hayden in July 2001 and is now made by her along with Avram Grumer, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Abi Sutherland, none of whom she invented More about all of us below
  • Making Light: Open thread 51 - nielsenhayden. com
    Open thread 51 Posted by Teresa at 01:08 PM * Because #50 now has more than three hundred messages Hi, guys! this thread reminds me of why I love Making Light! October 11, 2005, 03:24 PM: Julia Child is a PBS franchise and fundraiser, and there may be a tighter hold on picker in usage of her name than the others (just my 2¢)
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden - Wikipedia
    Teresa Nielsen Hayden (born March 21, 1956) is an American science fiction editor, fanzine writer, essayist, and workshop instructor She is a consulting editor for Tor Books [1] [2] and is well known for her weblog , Making Light
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden, aka Hapisofi, Shreds The New Guy
    Teresa Nielsen Hayden got wind of his editor status and the hackles went up With Teresa, remember, it's all about ego With Teresa, remember, it's all about ego
  • Disemvoweling - Wikipedia
    Teresa Nielsen Hayden used the vowel-deletion technique in 2002 for internet forum moderation on her blog Making Light This was termed disemvoweling by Arthur D Hlavaty later in the same thread [6]
  • Groups Making Light Denizens | LibraryThing
    Making Light Denizens This group has become officially dormant It happens If you want to revive this group, or create a new group on the same topic see this page For denizens of Making Light, the blog of Teresa Patrick Nielsen Hayden Friends
  • Teresa Nielsen Hayden Fired From Tor Books - Blogger
    Teresa Nielsen Hayden is now officially off the Tor staff page She has been removed permanently A source close to the staff reports that the sheer amount of negative information about her on the web was the reason
  • The Law of Internet Invocation – Whatever
    I made a comment on a discussion thread over at Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s Making Light blog which I feel like noting here as well, so here we go First, a little background: writer Poppy Z Brite was wandering the ‘Net, as many of us are prone to do, when she came across a LiveJournal community

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